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Donald Trump Tweeted a Photoshopped Picture of Him Putting a Medal on a Military Dog for … Reasons?

Trump makes Jesus arms as Mike Pence looks on in front of George Washington's portrait.

Gone are the days of the presidential pet. Bo was a household name, the fun pup who brought joy to the Obamas. Miss Beazley roamed free during the Bush administration. Buddy and Socks were icons while the Clintons called the White House their home. All of these pets had their place, and then a man who didn’t win the popular vote took over who hates animals, and so all we have are badly doctored pictures of him awarding a dog.

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The original image was tweeted without any context, the president just sharing an edited picture of him awarding Conan, a good pup, with a medal. The problem? Well, we had no idea why he was awarding a photoshopped dog anything, but also, the doctored photo in question very clearly covered up a very real human member of the military being awarded a medal.

The man he covered with a dog?

Daily Wire apparently made the edited version, but originally, it was sent into the universe without any kind of context so how were we to know what the hell the president was doing? That being said, I want to focus more on the fact that the president hates dogs.

As News18 points out, the president has a complicated relationship with dogs—one that makes him even more untrustworthy than before. I stand by the fact that a dog is a good judge of character. My mother hates dogs but dogs love her, proving this theory to me. In the streets, dogs come up to me and know that I will pet them and love them. It’s all in the vibes.

Trump very clearly must give off the vibe of the devil for dogs to not like him. To be fair, I don’t blame dogs for hating him too. So, what we do know is that Conan, a military dog who was injured in the raid that killed ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, is apparently coming from the Middle East next week and is being awarded for his brave service.

You know the easier way of telling this story? Tweeting that and not tweeting an edited picture that covers up a war hero with a dog because you want credit for giving an award to an animal without being in the same room as them, because you’re a coward.

I can’t wait to watch Trump try to touch this dog now because I know that Conan is going to be a good boy and hate the president. I can feel it in my bones.

(image: Mark Wilson/Getty Images)

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