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Donald Trump Jr. Tests Positive for COVID-19, Will Learn Nothing From This Experience

Florida Senator Rick Scott also tested positive, because republicans are incapable of taking the coronavirus seriously.

Donald Trump Jr. shrugs and smirks at the RNC.

The karma train continues to plow full speed ahead into the Trump family, as Donald Trump Jr. announced he tested positive for the coronavirus. Trump made the announcement via Instagram video, where he said “Apparently I got the ’rona.” Trump Jr. added, “You wouldn’t know it, based on anything that I felt or have seen. I guess I’ve been totally asymptomatic,” Trump Jr. said, noting he’d continue to quarantine for two weeks at a cabin “out of an abundance of precaution” and “would take it seriously” because there was “no reason to do anything otherwise.”

Trump Jr. also asked his followers for movie and book recommendations, as “There are only so many guns I can clean before I get bored,” he said. The president tweeted about his son, writing “My son Donald is doing very well. Thank you!” Trump Jr. is the latest family member to catch the virus, following his father, Melania, and Barron Trump. His girlfriend Kimberly Guilfoyle tested positive for the virus earlier this year. They join at least 45 Trump administration members who have contracted the virus throughout the year, which include but are not limited to chief of staff Mark Meadows, Kellyanne Conway, Chris Christie, Stephen Miller, Kayleigh McEnany, Andrew Giuliani, Corey Lewandowski, Ben Carson, and many more.

It’s hardly a surprise that Trump Jr. tested positive, as the White House continues to host massive mask-less gatherings made up of COVID-19 deniers. The White House is practically an all-you-can-infect coronavirus buffet with zero end in sight. And that same reckless response (or lack thereof) continues among republicans in the House and the Senate.

Florida Sen. Rick Scott announced he tested positive for the virus, joining fellow republicans Chuck Grassley (Iowa), Mike Lee (Utah), Bill Cassidy (La.), Rand Paul (Ky.), Thom Tillis (N.C.) and Ron Johnson (Wis.). That’s 14 percent of the republican senate that has tested positive. No democratic senators have tested positive.

In the House, at least 16 republican representatives have tested positive, compared to 9 democrats. But still, republican politicians refuse to wear masks and mock those who do. A video clip of Ohio Senator Sherrod Brown went viral, which featured Brown asking Alaskan Republican Senator Dan Sullivan to wear a mask while speaking. Sullivan testily responded, “I don’t wear a mask when I’m speaking, like most senators,” Sullivan retorted. “I don’t need your instruction.”

Texas Senator Ted Cruz later tweeted that Brown was “a complete ass,” which earned him plenty of mockery online. Cruz was also lambasted for mocking the severity of the coronavirus while cases skyrocket in his home state.

I have zero sympathy for Trump Jr. and these republicans who tested positive for the virus. After all, they’ll have access to expensive antibody treatments and experimental procedures while their constituents die in an overcrowded hospital. I do feel terrible for the over 130 Secret Service agents who have contracted the virus because the president they work for doesn’t give a shit about them.

I hope Joe Biden and Kamala Harris bring plenty of Clorox with them when they finally get to the White House.

(via NBC News, featured image: OLIVIER DOULIERY/AFP via Getty Images)

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