Trump talks about soup to a police union coalition.

The Weirdest Thing Donald Trump Said This Summer Somehow Went Totally Unnoticed Until Now

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Donald Trump says a lot of bizarre things. He says so many weird things, in fact, that sometimes they just become a kind of white noise. If a person is constantly shouting about how windmills cause cancer or how toilets have to be flushed 12 times to work right, it’s easy to start tuning them out.

Which I guess is how we missed what is hands-down the strangest thing Trump said in recent months, if not ever. (Though that’s a crowded field.) In a meeting with the National Association of Police Organizations Leadership on July 31st, Trump was, I suppose, trying to empathize with police by making up a story about protesters arming themselves with bags of soup.

Washington Post reporter Christopher Ingraham stumbled upon the rant Tuesday.

According to Trump, protesters are throwing soup at police and then upon getting caught, are telling those officers that they are just carrying around “soup for my family.” They’re then coming back with “big bags of soup,” by which I assume he means bags full of cans of soup, but that’s also giving him the benefit of the doubt in a way he has most definitely not earned. So we’re left with the image of police being hit with soft bags of soup–maybe a prepackaged bag of soup (is that a thing?), maybe they’re filling bags with soup at home. Either way, they’re just bags of soup I’m just carrying around for my family.

Trump was very angry that the media wasn’t reporting on all these bags of soup being tossed around. “I don’t know what’s wrong with them. They’re doing our country a tremendous disservice,” he said at the time. Well, it’s getting attention now!

Ingraham wasn’t the only one who missed Trump’s soup monologue when it happened and his post brought a lot of eyes to what is apparently an epidemic of soup attacks.

By the way, this is the man who, when speaking to the police union coalition, lamented cops having water bottles and soup thrown at them, and when speaking to the press, defended his supporters shooting protesters with paintball guns as well as actual guns.

(via Christopher Ingraham on Twitter, image: Anna Moneymaker-Pool/Getty Images)

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