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Doggy Poo Story Is a Real Movie (And Book. And Musical.)

Doggy Poo Story is a 2003 claymation movie (well, we hope it’s clay) based on a Children’s Literature Award-winning book by Korean author Jung-Saeng Kwon. The photo above, spotted in Seoul’s Maebang Station, advertises a musical based on the series, with the tagline “Nothing God made is useless.”

While the title might seem to promise — well, be — one massive poop joke, it’s actually a rather existential story about one piece of dog excrement’s quest to find its higher purpose.

FPS Magazine summarizes:

Doggy Poo is the story of the lowest of God’s creations, who is mocked by nearly everyone (other characters include a curious songbird, a high-handed hen, a philosophical leaf, and a disdainful dirt clod). The titular character, symbolically stranded on an isolated dirt road, wonders what his destination might be on the road of life. How could a doggy poo have any reason to exist? Doggy Poo finds an answer, as this short feature gently affirms the cycle of life.

(Engrish Funny via Bits & Pieces; title image via Seoul Eats)

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