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Does Zoro Die In ‘One Piece’? Answered

With the Netflix live-action One Piece series recently joining the ongoing manga and anime series, fans are getting all the Roronoa Zoro they want. Whether in live-action, anime, or manga, Zoro is arguably the most attractive male character in the One Piece franchise. Plus, while he might come across as exceedingly serious and moody, one can’t forget that he has one of the most touching backstories in the series. At the heart of all his actions is a very pure motive: to honor his late childhood best friend by becoming the world’s greatest swordsman.

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As a result, he’s always carrying three swords, one of which he holds in his mouth, and charging headfirst into dangerous battles to achieve his dream. Of all the characters, Zoro really lives his life on the edge, especially because he’s fearless and would gladly die rather than be labeled a coward or an unworthy opponent. This is probably why a lot of fans are scared that he will die. Viewers who aren’t wholly through the Netflix series will likely be concerned for his fate and looking to the anime/manga for answers about his future.

Should we be concerned about Zoro?

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Fans of Zoro can rest assured that he does not die in the first season of Netflix’s live-action One Piece, and he hasn’t died in the manga or anime series—yet. In the live-action series, Zoro (Mackenyu Arata) has a very close call in episode 5, “Eat at Baratei!,” when he challenges Mihawk (Steven Ward) to a duel to the death. Mihawk is one of the Seven Warlords of the Sea and is hailed as the world’s greatest swordsman. Since Zoro wishes to be the world’s greatest swordsman, he hopes to best Mihawk and take his title. Unfortunately, he is no match for Mihawk, but he manages to impress the warlord with his bravery. As a result, Mihawk decides to spare his life, but he does leave Zoro with something to remember him by.

He deals Zoro a near-fatal blow, slashing him across the torso with his sword. Whether Zoro survives the wound is left ambiguous as episode 6, “The Chef and the Chore Boy,” sees him still unconscious from blood loss. However, Zoro does pull through, though he’s left with a massive scar. This fight also occurs in the manga and anime and plays out similarly to live-action, in which Zoro has a close call but ultimately survives.

Considering that the anime and manga have gone on for far longer than the live-action series, Zoro has had several other close calls during their course. Most recently, during the Onigashima Raid, Zoro broke most of the bones in his body, then suffered severe blood loss, and almost fell to his death—but he still pulled through! However, the manga and anime series are still running, so in the future, it’s possible that Zoro’s fate could take a different turn. For now, fans can rest assured that their favorite swordsman is alive for at least 106 volumes of One Piece.

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