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Does Yami Die in ‘Black Clover’?

I get it, it might be a question you ask yourself often. After all, Yami is dope, and we don’t like it when bad things happen to dope people. Maybe you get on your knees before bed and wring your hands and pray, asking, “Please send me a sign that Yami from Black Clover is safe, and I shall sin no more.”

But sometimes, even under the auspices of an omnipotent, omniscient, and omnibenevolent diety, shit happens. It’s confusing, we know. It’s a philosophical concept that has been hotly debated for centuries. But we don’t care about people, screw people, the only person we care about is a fictional one named Yami.

So tell it to me straight, Doc, is he gonna make it? Or is he gonna be sleepin’ with the fishes real soon?

Oh, ye of little faith…

Yami is ALIVE. And NOTHING can kill him. I mean, LOOK AT HIM. He’s a WALKING TANK. He looks like Gut’s little cousin or something. The man is big and brolic and swole as a twisted testicle. The man can fight, and nobody is gonna take down our boy that easily. He’s still kicking in the manga for crying out loud, and as we all know, some really bad shit can happen in the manga but it hasn’t happened yet. So let’s all get on our knees and ask Yahweh to keep it that way.

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