Guillermo del Toro and Oscar Isaac at a press event.

Does Guillermo del Toro Understand What His ‘Frankenstein’ Movie Will Unleash Upon the World?

We are but poor mortals ...

This week, we found out which characters Andrew Garfield and Oscar Isaac will play in Guillermo del Toro’s Frankenstein movie. Does del Toro understand the power he holds in his hands?

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Del Toro has long been vocal about wanting to make his version of Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein. The original has captivated people since it was first published in 1818. Victor Frankenstein, a man with limited medical experience, creates a new creature out of various dead body parts. When Frankenstein’s “monster” awakens, he freaks out and abandons his creature. The monster is left to wander the world alone, learning about language and the human experience in stolen moments. At the end of the story, the monster and Frankenstein meet again before the monster decides he’s better off without his maker.

Monster lovers all around

After many false stops and starts, del Toro has teamed up with Netflix to bring his movie vision to life. The award-winning director is well known for his fantastic monster creations, so we know del Toro is perfect for the job. We learned earlier this year that Andrew Garfield and Oscar Isaac were cast to play the lead characters. This week, sources revealed Garfield will play the Doctor, and Isaac will play the Monster.

These casting choices make perfect sense—both guys are boyfriends of the internet and make great choices. If I was making a man, it would be Oscar Isaac. But does del Toro understand what Isaac playing a monster will do to all the horny monster lovers out there? I just know that the idea of Isaac joining the monster ranks is enough to set certain corners of the internet on fire. Not to mention, the percentage of people who identify as being attracted to monsters is going to grow exponentially after this movie comes out. I’ll even wager that after the first images drop, we’ll see a substantial uptick. Del Toro better be ready to accept the responsibility for causing this phenomenon.

Plot, what plot?

Now, about the plot of this movie. Mia Goth is listed as being “the Bride.” This could mean the bride of Victor Frankenstein, the monster, or someone else entirely. Christoph Waltz has also been cast in the movie in an undisclosed role. I think he might play an older Victor Frankenstein, but that is just a hunch. Honestly, everyone else in the movie is currently inconsequential. Right now, we are all just focused on how Garfield and Isaac will interact.

According to, the plot of the movie will be:

“Dr. Pretorious needs to track down Frankenstein’s monster who is believed to have died in a fire forty years before in order to continue the experiments of Dr. Frankenstein.”

So, Garfield will be this new doctor heading out to look for a monster. Let me tell you right now—this movie is bound to spawn thousands of pieces of fanfiction. Garfield, as a doctor, searching for Isaac’s monster lends itself to so many fanfiction tropes. Do they meet in an inn? Maybe they have to share a room because it was the last one available, and it’s only after they are in their one bed that the doctor realizes who is lying next to him. Maybe the monster has to prove his humanity with a romantic kiss. Honestly, the fanfiction writes itself. We’ll have to wait and see exactly what del Toro has planned for these characters, but he better be ready for the powerfully horny fandom he will create.

(featured image: John Lamparski/Getty Images for Netflix)

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