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The TARDIS Awakens Mash-Up Gives Doctor Who a Star Wars Feel


Love the intensity of the Ninth Doctor? Love the epic nature of Star Wars? Well prepare yourself for this awesomely-edited Doctor Who/The Force Awakens mash-up. Check it out above!

The video was edited by YouTuber VG934, and does an amazing job pairing the music of the Force Awakens trailer with dialogue and scenes from the first season of New Who, matching the film trailer’s pacing, and featuring the Ninth Doctor and Rose. It reminds me how intense and war-torn that first new Doctor was, and the grand scope of John Williams’ music pairs well with that.

It also makes me wish for an actual Doctor Who/Star Wars crossover. Hey, they did it with Star Trek in comic form! Someone needs to make this happen. And Marvel, which is currently doing the Star Wars comics used to do Doctor Who comics back in the day. Hmmm….

What do you think? Which Doctor/companion and which Star Wars characters would you like to see interact? Let’s fic our hearts out in the comments below!

(via io9, image via screencap)

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