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Fantastic! BBC Puts Doctor Who Up For Download On BitTorrent

I thought the Doctor was afraid of being turned into wi-fi.


As of this past March 26th, it’s been ten years since Christopher Eccleston’s goofy smile first graced our television sets, ushering in a new era of Doctor Who. To mark the occasion, the BBC has reached a deal with none other than BitTorrent to put select episodes of Doctor Who up for download.

Here’s the deal: for $12 dollars, buyers can get 10 episodes of Doctor Who. While not all episodes of the series are up for grabs, the episodes they do have are some of the Doctor’s greatest hits. You can go back to questioning stone gargoyles and cemetery sculptures with “Blink,” or flood Neil Gaiman’s inbox with requests for him to run the show with “The Doctor’s Wife.” Other timeless (heh) episodes include “The End of Time,” the eyebrow-laden 50th anniversary special “The Day of the Doctor,” and the very first episode of post-hiatus Who, “Rose.”

For those on the fence, there’s a free special you can download starring Peter Capaldi talking about the past ten years of Doctor Who.

Just like the Doctor, Julia Kenyon, BBC Worldwide director, understands the need to reach out to a wide audience when the time calls for it. In a statement to The Verge, “This innovative deal with BitTorrent allows us to directly reach a huge number of consumers and engage with fans on a global and fast-growing digital platform.” A deal that promotes wider access to episodes like this could hopefully mean a great influx of new watchers to the Whovian fandom. Really, like everything in Doctor Who, only time will tell.

(via Polygon)

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