Doctor Who Anniversary Special Gets Director, Cryptic Comment From Moffat

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Time marches on towards the Doctor Who 50th anniversary special, what with the second half of the 7th season in the bag and the scriptwriting moving ahead for filming soon. So it was the moment, apparently, for Nick Hurran to announce during the Glasgow Film Festival this weekend that he’d be assuming directorial duties on the special, and for Steven Moffat to say something cryptic about multiple doctors appearing together.

This won’t be Hurran first trip at the helm of the HMS Who, as he’s previously been in charge of four episodes of Moffat’s Who: “The Girl Who Waited” (the one with Old Amy), “The God Complex” (the one in the “hotel”), “Asylum of the Daleks” (the one with the Dalek asylum) and “The Angels Take Manhattan” (the one where Amy and Rory leave).

The biggest question of the show is whether is will maintain tradition by including appearances from former incarnations of the Doctor, and, necessarily, actors who have played him before. Steven Moffat, who’ll be writing the episode, was quoted as saying “Getting the other Doctors involved would be very fitting for the anniversary episode, wouldn’t it?” at the BBC Drama Commissions event recently. From the mouth of another creator this would be easily discountable as meaningless, but Moffat is known for an habit of teasing and hinting to fans in a way that amuses or frustrates, depending on who you ask. That said, without the surrounding context for this statement, there’s plenty of room for interpretation.

According to Digital Spy, filming on the episode will start place in April, so either way it won’t be too long before we inevitably get some set photos of what showrunners have planned.

(via Blastr and Digital Spy.)

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