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More Doctor Strange Set Pics of Benedict Cumberbatch Pop Up

Want to see more of Benedict Cumberbatch doing his best Batman Begins impression? (Solid work, by the way.)

The first shot of the ‘Batch (we’re calling him this now, yes?) in action on the set in Nepal showed up yesterday on Twitter, and now we’ve got a few slightly better views of the Doctor Strange star in (sort of) action. Watch as he … talks to street vendors!

Or to director Scott Derrickson, I think? Or some other crew member, maybe? Hey, I’m only about 80% sure that’s Cumberbatch and not actually Christian Bale looking for some bat-training from Liam Neeson. Anyway, here he is a few more times in all his weary, beareded-pre-hero glory:

(via, featured image via Marvel Entertainment)

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