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Disney World Gaston Tells Little Girl To Get Back In The Kitchen, She Gives Him What-For

No one's a chauvinist like Gaston.

Life is hard for the Gastons of the world. Your adrenaline is racing, your Danny Zuko wig is chaffing, you once played Trigorin in the christing Seagull, and you’re just trying to be faithful to the goddam text, Disney. Telling a little girl to make you a sandwich is incredibly insensitive, and I imagine Disney World advises its performers not to sacrifice common sense for authenticity; but still, this is an accurate portrayal of a very disconcerting villain. Gaston is Disney’s first MRA.

Regardless, it’s heartening to see little Isabella giving a chauvinist what-for, even if she does seem hung up on some of the more problematic messages of Beauty and the Beast. No one needs to beat anybody up, Isabella! Inanimate objects exist to do your fighting for you!

(Via Daily Dot)

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