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Disney+ Is Revealing Everything That Will Be On the Streaming Service, and We Mean Everything

Literally so much content.

the mandalorian is the new star wars show starring pedro pascal on disney+..

In order to show off their massive library, Disney+ is now revealing everything that will be on the streaming service come November 12. And when I say everything, I do fully mean everything. This is a massive list of Disney favorites, from the classics to newer releases, and it ensures your binge watching calendar will be filled for a while. Click through the tweet below to see the multi-hundred-tweet-long Twitter thread.

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See? When we said everything, we really meant it. And the announcements aren’t even over, as Disney has said that there will be more announcements coming.

If scrolling through the list was overwhelming, you’re not alone. There are a lot of films and shows here, and while a regular article might’ve been easier to read, this is the showmanship that Disney is known for. They want to make a spectacle out of the announcement and clog our Twitter feeds. They want to show off all the content they’ll have that will attract new consumers eager to have the entire Star Wars franchise or the Marvel lineup at their fingertips.

They also announced some of the shows that will be streaming on the site. While many of them were already announced, some, like the various Marvel cartoons that will be on the site, are news. We’ll be getting the old X-Men cartoon on Disney+, as well as Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes. Both of those shows are beloved by the fans, so having them on the service will be a massive draw for viewers.

There’s also a wide selection of Disney channel originals. All the classics we grew up with are back, including hits like Halloweentown. Who doesn’t love Halloweentown?

This is definitely one way to keep drumming up hype for the streaming service. Disney+ will certainly have everything our Disney shill hearts desire, and it’s only going to get bigger from here on out. What will the Mouse do next?

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