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Disney Princesses… If They Were in Final Fantasy X-2

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Final Fantasy X-2 introduced a new wrinkle into the famous RPG series: instead of being handed a selection of characters with set classes to choose a three person fighting team with, players were handed exactly three characters (Rikku, Yuna, and Paine) and could choose which class roles they wanted those characters to play at any moment, simply by changing their outfits. It was also the first FF game to feature an all female main cast.

And what with the fanart trend of giving reinterpreting Disney princesses, and the existing presence of the official Final Fantasy/Disney crossover games Kingdom Hearts, it shouldn’t surprise anyone that xsKiRtZx’s drawings of Disney princesses and other lead female characters as Final Fantasy X-2 classes are a pretty cool combination.

Above we have Rapunzel as a White Mage, and then Jasmine as a Trainer,

Megara as a Dark Knight,

Pocahontas as a Berserker,

Kida (of Atlantis: The Lost Empire) as a Theif,

Ariel as a Songstress,

Mulan as a Samurai,

Sally as an Alchemist,

Alice as the Lady Luck class,

Snow White as a Gunner,

Jane as a Gun Mage,

And finally, Tiana, not as a character class but as Shiva, a powerful Summoned monster who appears in every Final Fantasy game.

(xsKiRtZx’s Deviant Art Gallery via Montoyas.)

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