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Disney Princess Superheroes are Here to Save the Day

Yes. Yes yes yes yes yes yes yes. Yes.

Deviantart user Spicysteweddemon knows exactly what is relevant to our interests, and that is Disney princesses redesigned as superheroes. And it’s not just redesigns, but also new back stories! The troops of usurping monarch Jafar call her Street Mouse, but to the downtrodden people of Agrabah, she is simply The Princess.

Um of Umbridge takes one sip from her magic potion and can become big enough to overcome her enemies, or small enough to sneak and spy.

Giselle and sidekick Pip slip through dimensions in their fight against “Evil Intergalactic Empress Narissa.”

No poacher can face the wrath of wild woman Jane.

The immortal Megara wanders the earth, her personal mission to aid the wandering dead in crossing to the other side.

One part Utena, one part Sailor Moon, the power of the Rose transforms Belle every night, giving her mind bending powers.

Check out Spicysteweddemon’s gallery for lots and lots more great art, including some drawings of a hypothetical Beast/Belle family so cute you will barf rainbows.

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