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Maleficent Zooms Around, Vamps It Up In New Clips and a Featurette [VIDEO]

I have doubts about this movie being good—yeah, Angelina Jolie does a great Maleficent, but so much of the marketing campaign is “Look! Look how great Angelina Jolie is!” that it makes me wonder… the people who made this movie know that’s not enough, right? They know there has to be a good story? While even Angelina’s capital-A acting might not be enough to sustain a two-hour movie, it works pretty damn well in clip form, at least. Below the cut we have Aurora finding out Maleficent is the one who cursed her (er… spoiler alert?), Maleficent lording over the creatures of the moors, and a featurette on one of the film’s big battle scenes.

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