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Disney Attempting to Make Pinocchio a Literal Real Boy, Developing a Live-Action Adaptation

Who wished upon a star for this? WHO?


Well, Disney can never be accused of fixin’ something that ain’t broke. Or something. Anyway, they are now developing a live-action Pinocchio so they can continue the successful wave of live-action adaptations that includes Maleficent and the current Cinderella/ruin childhoods or something?

Like Cinderella, the live-action Pinocchio isn’t going to be a direct adaptation of the Disney film, rather, an adaptation of the original 1883 story by Carlo Collodi. Writer Peter Hedges (About a Boy, The Odd Life Of Timothy Green) has been hired to write the script. Which is pretty cool, I suppose.

Except that they’re kinda getting carried away! I mean, they’re making a live-action Dumbo, too, for goodness’ sake! Remember when Disney made new movies? When The Little Mermaid, or Aladdin, or even The Princess and the Frog and Frozen came out and we were all like Wow! They haven’t done that fairy tale yet!  And it was exciting! Suddenly, it’s more like Which of their own movies are they gonna re-do this time? *yawn*

What do you all think of this trend? Do we need live-action re-dos of fairy tales we’ve already seen in animated form? What never-before-done fairy tales would you prefer to see, either live-action or animated? Also, how much do you want to bet they were working on Bambi until The Rock and SNL did it first? Tell us in the comments below!

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