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The Internet Is a Bleak Place Today, So We’re Talking About This Dinosaur Action Movie Thing

Just Go With It


Okay, so, we heard about this “alleged” movie that Warner Bros. wants to make, and it seemed to us that it was this weird, nebulous idea generated by either a computer or Mad Libs or both, and then someone was going to magically turn it into a movie. With science. But, in fact, it is an actual script, written by a human, about a “rapidly evolving species of dinosaurs who attack modern Los Angeles.” Because prehistoric Los Angeles would have been silly! Can you imagine? Dinosaurs getting plastic surgery? What did they use for resurfacing their complexions, rocks? Preposterous!

All seriousness aside, the science fiction script, written by John Clisham (who is not a computer) features that exact logline, according to Deadline, and was purchased by Warner Bros. Clisham, who has worked with James Cameron for several years at Lightstorm Entertainment (the company that converted Titanic into 3D), will direct the movie and write the script with Mike Bayman (also human). The story was originally intended to become a web series — the most epic web series about rapidly evolving dinosaurs that you ever did download. However, WB’s Greg Silverman and Sarah Schechter saw tests of this crazy thrill ride and immediately realized that this tender little tale was actually best served on a larger screen, so now it will become a full-fledged motion picture.

Bayman will also serve as a producer with executive producers Scott Nocas and Greg Siegel of Break Media, which produces “male-oriented content” and web videos on several sites. So, I guess that means all the dinosaurs will have breasts and/or be played by Kate Upton. Congratulations, Kate Upton! You will make a wonderful hot dinosaur.

Guys, it was really hard to find something newsworthy. We hope this gif version of the top pic will be satisfying enough, along with the brain-generated image of dinosaurs with boobies.

But since we are also not privvy to the test footage seen by executives at WB, here is “Dinosaur Laser Fight” by Ninja Sex Party, a video that we’ve posted previously that might actually be a good indication of exactly what this movie will look like.

(Deadline via SciFi Mafia)

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