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GOP Senate Candidate’s Bizarre Anti-Feminist Rant: We’re Shrieking Banshees With Heads Full of Snakes.



We all love the idea of coming home to a fresh meal, a clean house, and our pillows fluffed to perfection. However, I think most of us don’t use that desire as part of our opinion on Women’s Rights. But don’t worry, there is always someone up to disappointing us.

Enter Republican U.S. Senate candidate for Missouri Courtland Sykes, who went on a rant about “Women’s Rights” in a written statement that he published on Facebook. Is it too much to ask that if you are a sexist beta male that you at least try to hide it even a little bit? But you know what—it’s probably better that Sykes was so secure in his political douchebaggery that he did make his statement public, because boy what a statement it is.

First for anyone thinking about having an sympathy for Sykes’ fiance Chanel, let me assure you that your sympathies are not necessary. Her headline calls her “The Trump Army’s Sharpest Illustrator” and her art looks like this:


Secondly, let us make it clear that there is nothing wrong with choosing to be or wanting to be a housewife. Taking care of a home and children, cooking meals, cleaning everything, and all the many activities that go into creating a happy household is hard work and anyone of any gender, who chooses to do it, is doing a hard fucking job.

However, everything here is the epitome of male privilege. Why don’t you cook your own dinner? Or better yet if you have this giant sense of entitlement to service: hire a cook to do it! That way Chanel can do something else besides living up to your “Normal Rockwell” sense of family.

By the way, I’m glad that your inspiration for domesticity is “Freedom from Want,” a work inspired by Democratic president FDR’s State of the Union and is basically patriotic propaganda, but you know what, Sykes … whatever works for you.

Let’s touch on the real subject of your ire, those wily radical feminists. The ones who “attack womanhood” and hate men, the ones that could turn your future hypothetical daughters into “career-obsessed banshees who forgo home life and children and the happiness of family to become nail-biting manophobic hell-bent feminist she devils.”

You know a man really hates feminism when the idea of his daughters wanting to become career-minded women first and then wives and mothers is his version of Dante’s Inferno.

See that’s the thing, Sykes, feminists don’t hate men, they just hate men like you. Men who think that they are entitled to some vision of domestic bliss and that it is a woman’s job to provide it. If a woman decided to work from home then her job is the home. It is not to be your second mother and provide a hot meal every day. Nor should the image for your daughters be that they learn to cook so they can feed you and their future husbands. Instead of learning how to cook so that they can, you know, feed themselves.

The fact that your manhood feels threatened by change says more about your manhood than us she-devils. Also, if you knew anything about feminism you’d know that we’ve been having these conversations about “womanhood” since the beginning. Not to mention, of the reasons white women rejected Hillary Clinton, I can assure you that Clinton being a “manhater” isn’t one of them. I mean you do know that some feminists don’t like her because she stayed with Bill?

Wait, of course not, you can’t hear us over all the banshee screeching.

Black Canary Cry

Regardless, I think we just have to break the awful news to GOP Senate candidate Courtland Sykes: you aren’t a supporter of women’s rights. When your thoughts on womanhood  amount to “a woman’s place is in the kitchen,” then you don’t even belong in this century, let alone the Senate.

(via Raw Story, image: Everett Historical)

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