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Din Djarin Is Hot and Those Are the Facts

This IS the way.

A man and his son (Din Djarin and Grogu) hanging out, on Disney+'s The Mandalorian Star Wars series.

Have friends or family who are willing to co-parent with Din Djarin? Do they watch The Mandalorian on Disney+ and have feelings for the Mandalorian himself? Are you part of that group, or wondering what the hell is happening to your loved ones? Well, let me try to explain what is happening to us all.

Look, I don’t understand it, but it’s there. There is just an attraction to Din Djarin that cannot be explained easily. We’re looking at a man who is in head-to-toe armor the entire show, and somehow there is an entire subset of the internet that thirsts for him.

Is it because of his love and dedication to his son, Grogu? Or is it just because we know that Pedro Pascal is the man behind the mask? Honestly, I think it’s a bit of both, and then an entirely different thing, as well. Like … Din Djarin saying, “Yea? Good,” should honestly be illegal.

@dakdjarinYea? Good. ##fyp ##foryou ##foryoupage ##mandalorian ##starwars ##themandalorian♬ WAP X MANDO – Vivian

But this love of Din Djarin comes from his reactions to things on the show, his care for Grogu, and the fact that he’s a complete and total badass when it comes to fighting. Like, I’m sorry, but him coming out a door with guns blazing and taking fire? HOT.

It’s also about his strut. I stand by the knowledge that they have all the stunt doubles who wear the Mandalorian armor walk like Pedro Pascal, but like … I’m sorry, how are we supposed to watch this show and not want to instantly offer up our help to Din Djarin? I’m sure Grogu needs a mother. I’m here and willing.

And it’s not even just the fighting that’s hot. There’s an entire scene in an episode where he cleans up Grogu’s spit-up, and that is somehow attractive.

Like, I want to solely exist on Din Djarin thirst Twitter.

Has 2020 maybe broken us? Probably, but I also … felt this way in 2019 when the first season aired, so I don’t know what my excuse is there. He appeared onscreen and the entire internet said, “Oh? Ohhhhh,” and from that moment on … we were goners.

Din Djarin has all our love and affection though we rarely see his face, and that’s a skill. Keep your Din Djarin thirst coming.

And when Din does take off the helmet, and we get to see things like this? It’s UNFAIR.

touch the face

I, personally, cannot wait for more Din Djarin in my life, and while I know we just got all of season 2, that doesn’t mean my thirst has been quenched. Like, look, he DOVE IN FRONT OF HIS SON to protect him. It’s too much!

(image: Lucasfilm)

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