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Dig Through Your Long Boxes, Because DCU’s 10-Year Plan Boosts The Value of Several Serials

The Authority superhero team seen in action in Wildstorm Comics

On January 31, James Gunn shared a glimpse of his and Peter Safran’s eight to ten-year vision for DC media (outside of comics). Even with all the shows and movies announced, there’s still more coming! This includes video games that connect to the main universe, too. These announcements garnered mixed-positive support. Even though they weren’t universally loved, they seemed to provide an air of stability. (Something I’m sure Warner Bros. Discovery shareholders love as much as the fans.) The video also caused a ripple effect for comic collectors.

According to COVR PRICE, many of the characters and storylines mentioned in the announcement rose in the value of a good deal of single-issue comics. COVR PRICE is an online tool used by collectors and some businesses to check the value of comics they own. This price jump didn’t just happen to more mainstream characters like Batman, Supergirl, and Swamp Thing. Booster Gold and The Authority issues rose in value. The Authority is leading the charts at number one. The increase in issue price corresponded with the images shown during the presentation.

Covr weekly top ten for the second week of February 2023.

While this increase in value is more for collectors than readers, this can also serve as a guide for comic book readers. These are single issues, so this info is more of a starting point. You would want to look for a trade paperback or hardcover for the complete arc or story.

After fans found this, the news even reached James Gunn. As a writer/director who speaks so enthusiastically about characters and fellow writers, Gunn seems more than excited to see this result in the comics’ readership. Even if this is the second-hand market and not everyone will go to DC Universe Infinite (DCUI). His excitement makes sense, because he and Safran chose stories they love and believe will resonate with readers and movie-goers.

It’s worth noting that DCUI is running a special by allowing readers to access Tom King’s 2018 Swamp Thing for free if they’re signed up. All 90+ pages of it! Many features on the application cost money, but sometimes it releases freebies like this. This is not sponsored, just something I learned while writing this and will be taking advantage of! We don’t (ironically) gate-keep, girl boss, and gaslight here.

(via Twitter, featured image: Wildstorm Comics/ DC)

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