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New Amusement Park Lets You Drive Construction Equipment in a Giant Sandbox

They're having a sale!

Remember those happy days of childhood, sitting in the sandbox with your yellow die-cast toy trucks and loaders? Those were simpler days, happier days. Forget them. Now, thanks to Las Vegas based Dig This, you can drive actual construction equipment in a vacant lot without any of the pesky certifications nor the career in construction normally required for such a task. Basically, that episode of Malcolm in the Middle.

For a paltry $400, you get some basic training and two hours to dig ditches, lift 2,000 pound tires and other heavy things, and compete against your friends, all while tooling around in actual Caterpillar construction equipment. Your inner child is revving his or her engine already, I can tell. The park’s owner Ed Mumm would certainly understand; he apparently came up with the concept for the park after renting some equipment to work on his house. He tells the Engineering News-Record:

“I wasn’t making much progress on the house, but I was having great time,” Mumm says. “I felt that it was something everyone could enjoy, and there was nothing like it out there.”

If you’re 14 and older and have some cash to burn, there are far less satisfying ways to spend your money in Vegas.

(Dig This via BoingBoing)

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