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First Trailer for AMC’s Dietland Introduces a Fat Heroine Ready for a Revolution


A television show starring a fat woman? And not just a fat woman, but an actual fat woman, not a woman who’s “Hollywood fat” but actually an average size in the real world? Created by Marti Noxon? To be honest, I was here for this even before watching this trailer, but it was nice to see the trailer confirm that Dietland would be right up my alley.

Based on the 2015 best-selling novel of the same name by Sarai Walker, Dietland tells the story of Plum Kettle (Joy Nash), a woman who works at a popular beauty (ie: “women’s”) magazine answering letters sent to her editor (Julianna Margulies), giving diet and makeup tips. At first, working where she does takes its toll, and insecurities about her body find her trying to lose weight to get closer to the life she dreams about.

Yet as she embarks on this “self-improvement” journey, she starts to realize that the problem isn’t with her. The problem is with a society that judges women based exclusively on their appearance. As her therapist says, “Maybe it’s the people who judge you who need to change.”

As summed up by Women and Hollywood, “In the midst of Plum’s journey to self-acceptance, men accused of sexual abuse and assault begin disappearing, and the trailer suggests that Plum may be a suspect in the crimes. Her radicalization hasn’t gone unnoticed by her employers.”

Part character-based, emotional drama with a fat protagonist, and part over-the-top bananas crime story? I feel like I’m going to be all over this show. How about you? Are you down for Dietland? Any of you read the book and care to comment? Tell us below!

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