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[NSFW] My Manga Shelf Presents: A Battle Amongst Men in Amazon’s #1 Bestselling Romance Manga Dick Fight Island Volume 1

5/5 armored shlongs.

Dick Fight Island

CW: NSFW M/M Review

There comes a time as a writer where you get to put together a headline that is the crowning achievement of your career.

Full disclosure: I also debated calling this Dicking Kombat Scores a Flawless Victory on Amazon, but in the end, I felt a straightforward approached was best because, well, a manga called Dick Fight Island is at the top of the romance manga charts for Amazon.

Dick Fight Island #1 Amazon

That #5 spot in Action & Adventure is nothing to sneeze at. Trust me. There IS combat in this manga.



Orgasmic combat.

Before I fly us over the paradise islands of the dick (Pulau Yong’unda is the name of the islands, btw), here’s a tweet from creator Reibun Ike about the success of the English release of the manga. I feel this tweet is the perfect way to further prepare you for our journey.

Let’s get ready to rumble. With dicks!

Synopsis for Dick Fight Island Volume 1

Dick Fight Island volume 1

The tournament to choose the next king of the islands is about to begin. The rules are simple — whoever comes first loses! To ensure they don’t, participating warriors protect their mighty swords with armor that grows larger and more elaborate with each tournament. But one warrior who’s been studying abroad has returned with a secret technique certain to force a pleasurable eruption! Is there a warrior alive able to withstand it? Or is this deft warrior destined to become king?!


It’s been a good couple of weeks for extreme fan service with men. We’ve got Fairy Ranmaru over on Crunchyroll with men who transform into fairies like this:

Urū Seiren's transformation

And now we got a manga whose entire premise is “men fight to be king in a tournament to see who can make who orgasm first.”

Dick Fight Island group


One of my favorite types of smut with anime and manga is when it lets itself get ridiculous. Sometimes you’re just in the mood for the monster f*cking (yes I’ll review Monster and the Beast soon), sex crafts (as in sex being used as some all-powerful weapon in battle), and everything else I’ve seen throughout the years. Sure, the end game is for the characters to bang, but I’m really into seeing these out-of-left-field explanations behind the sex. The sexual tension between characters is great and all (truly, it is), but have you tried “I’ll protect my manhood with some Dragon Age armor so I don’t fall victim to delicious foreplay and lose my shot at the crown” because … that shit hits different.

What really works for me with Dick Fight Island is that we, the readers, know this is an over-the-top idea, but the characters take great pride in what they do. To them, this is a legitimate fight for the crown and they’ve been training for this moment for years.

And yes. The training is extremely sexual.

The main premise of the story is that Hart, a member of the Jewel Clan, has returned to participate in the upcoming tournament after studying abroad.

And yes. The studying was extremely sexual — and loving, too, but I’ll get to that.

Hart comes bearing knowledge unbeknownst to the other warriors, something he learned from his studies overseas (he hooked up with his roommate, that’s the studying). That knowledge? The prostate.


When I tell you I hollered when I got to that page.



See, the way these fights work is that the men protect their ahems with REALLY BIG ARMOR PLATES (no, their peens aren’t that big). Since the main objective is to make your opponent climax, these men thought, “Gotta protect the package.” But Hart comes in like, “Yo, that’s great and all, but there’s ANOTHER hot spot I can go after — that sweet, sweet ass.” In this society, baring your ass is seen as the ultimate sign of manliness. Them cheeks clap round the clock is what I’m saying. Now that Hart has come along with a technique that hits a weak spot these men SOMEHOW didn’t know about after all this time (sigh, men), that adds a new layer of tension in the tournament.

That doesn’t mean that’s the only way we see these men win-… I mean, lose. During combat, men go straight for the penis, working to break/remove the armor so they can use such techniques as “hand jobs” and “blow jobs” and whatever else stimulates the competition. And I mean actual combat like punches, kicks, whips, nipple play, seemingly impossible yaoi physics, romantic kisses, you know, whichever fits the situation.

Pisao and Judah kiss

Right off the bat, I’m into this story because of, and I can’t believe I’m saying this, the plot. It somehow manages to NOT take itself too seriously WHILE taking itself seriously. This wacky premise has the nerve to have an entire civilization of people who hold this tournament in high regard. There are different clans, each clan with different attributes and leaders who contribute something of value to the island paradise.

You actually end up appreciating all the historical bits that tell you what each clan is known for along with the history of this tournament. There is actually quite a bit of content to keep up with, even if it all leads to dick jokes (it’s called The Great Wyrm Tournament because the clans liken their manhoods to a snake) and pages upon pages of smut.

There’s a different type of guy for every clan, from breathtaking beauties to scruffy muscle men. Each character also has a different method of attack. It’s kinda surprising that so many different methods of sexual stimulation were used. No one repeats techniques (save for trying to duplicate what Hart does, sometimes poorly, because you must use lubrication, my guy) and, somehow, spectators have commentary that sounds like you’re watching a sporting match. “Yes, Blanc of the Moon Clan is good with his mouth if he’s able to take in the girth of his opponent like this.”

It’s serious business.

And I love it.

While the general gist is “who can hold out the longest” there are some combatants with lingering feelings to resolve, others with a grudge about who is currently reigning as king, and those who are trying to prove themselves as being more than just a beautiful man whose name isn’t worth remembering.

Hart, especially, is at a bit of a crossroads, since he’s lived in our society for a couple of years. Surprisingly, it doesn’t lead to him being ashamed of his customs, even after having a roommate who was very WTF about them. If anything, he cares deeply for his roommate, so he’s trying to balance the whole “gotta rub up on other men” thing with “I think I only wanna do that with one man now.”

Hart and Matt

I can’t believe a manga with a title like Dick Fight Island amplified its premise with PLOT. It could’ve easily just thrown these men into an arena and had them clash their swords—which DOES happen, TRUST me—but the battles are made more interesting because as you read you realize, wow, this bonkers manga is actually giving a fantasy realm methodology behind “let’s touch dicks.” I have characters I want to keep up with and, oh my lord, do I have FAVORITES?! Who I am CONCERNED about?! And ROOTING FOR?!

I am, unapologetically, eager to see what volume 2 will bring us. Granted, it ends in a way where the story could stop there, but there is room for more content, too.

You can check out Dick Fight Island over at SuBLime today!

(Image: Reibun Ike)

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