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DeWanda Wise No Longer Suiting Up For Captain Marvel Due to She’s Gotta Have It Scheduling Conflict

DeWanda Wise in She's Gotta Have It (2017)

Captain Marvel is probably the film I’m most excited for in the next phase of the Marvel universe. It’s a period piece in the 90s, which means possible Peggy Carter cameo, and it will be Marvel’s first female-led movie. However, it’s already lost one of its supporting characters to Netflix, according to CBR.

DeWanda Wise, star of the Spike Lee show, She’s Gotta Have It, was originally cast in the movie, but it was announced that she would have to leave due to scheduling conflicts with Netflix. As the lead of the show, it’s not surprising that there would be some conflict, but this is the first time since Emily Blunt turned down Black Widow, that I’m actually really heartbroken about an actor leaving the MCU.

While we weren’t told which character Wise was playing it was speculated that she was going to be Monica Rambeau, a woman with light powers who was also called Captain Marvel before and is currently known as Spectrum in the comics.

This is disappointing because, one Wise is a fantastic actress and it would have been an excellent choice for Monica, but also that would have been two women of color in this movie along with Gemma Chan is playing Doctor Minerva. I am hoping that they will still introduce Monica, or whatever character Wise was supposed to play, and hire another darker skinned actress.

Not to give the powers that be at Disney and Marvel too much credit, but I think after Black Panther, Marvel has seen that diversity and inclusion pay off. So even if it is diversity for the money, at least now they have the motivation to keep going in that direction.

As for DeWanda Wise, I hope Netflix is paying you big money and renews your show for a few more seasons because turning down at Marvel movie, especially at this point, is turning down a really fat check. Ask Emily Blunt about it.

After the War of the Infinity Stones, which Marvel movie are you looking forward to next? Besides Black Panther 2 of course.

(via CBR, image: Netflix)

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