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The Desert Bus Live Stream Is Fundraising for Charity and Offering Awesome Gear

Because if you're going to play one of the worst videogames ever, it should be for a good cause.


Internet fundraising group Desert Bus for Hope is currently raising money for Child’s Play, and they have some amazing hand crafted geekery up for auction over the next few days—from Adventure Time to Steven Universe to Mass Effect!

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Desert Bus for Hope is a live streaming fundraising group willing to play “the worst videogame ever made”—the titular mini-game Desert Bus—for as long as people are willing to donate. They’ve been driving a fake bus since 2007, and as of late November 14th, they crossed $2.5 million in lifetime donations to the Child’s Play charity.

You can access the stream by going to the Desert Bus website, which is also where you’ll find info about live auctions, silent auctions, and giveaways for those participating in the live stream’s chat.  Maybe you want to try for a set of Harry Potter dice bags and scarves, a Gravity Gun signed by the folks at Valve, or handmade puppets of the Steven Universe crew.

Maybe you want to enter a live auction, instead. (You’ll need a donor account!) In that case, you can visit the chat and fight to lay down your hard earned cash for a commissioned portrait by famous comics artist Ken Steacy, or a ukulele signed by (among others) Jonathan Coulton and Wil Wheaton. Or if the hustle and bustle of a chat bidding war isn’t your thing, silent auctions are also available. How about some Korra and Asami figurines, or a working Game Boy painted like Adventure Time’s BMO? That’s barely scratching the surface of what’s available, and new items will be added to the site over the course of the fundraiser.

There you have it, readers. A pre-Thanksgiving chance to help improve quality of life for hospitalized kids worldwide, and to maybe go home with some unique additions to your collections in the process. And if nothing else, you can always pop by to hear from one of their special guests. Happy hunting!

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