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Start Your Day Off Right By Watching a Short Film Set in Gotham City (Sort Of)

The Demon In The Dark from Forewarned Films on Vimeo.

Looking for some solid, geek entertainment this morning? Well, look no further than The Demon in the Dark, a short film from Forewarned Films set in “Gotham City.”

Now, “Gotham City” is in quotes, because obviously this is a non-profit fan work that has zero affiliation with DC Entertaiment or Warner Bros. Still, it’s an amusing, geek-friendly romp that comics fans should love. Even better, it’s got a female director in Letia Clouston!

Here’s the official description:

They’re not good at being good.

A secret group of six must work together to deliver a “package” while evading an unknown predator prowling the dark streets of Gotham City. Is it a monster, an alien, or simply a psychopath on a rampage?

Explosions, stabbings and gunfire quickly become part of the plan as the squad desperately races to the drop off point, leaving smoking piles of destruction in their wake.

Directed by: Letia Clouston
Cinematography: Chris Burgon
Produced by: Marcelo Chow & Annie Jeeves
Associate Producer: Christian Clouston
Music by: Andries de Haan
Written by: Matt Clouston

Full cast & crew:

The Demon in the Dark is non-profit film, no way associated with or endorsed by DC Comics, Warner Brothers, or its subsidiaries.

Twitter: @ForewarnedFilms

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