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Awesome Person Kelly Sue DeConnick Doing Adaptation of Barbarella

It Came From Outer Space

You may know her name because of her work at Marvel on fantastic books like Captain Marvel or her Image book Pretty Deadly, but back in the earlier days of her career, comic writer Kelly Sue DeConnick did a lot of manga adaptations for the American market. It was just announced that she’s going to be taking a crack at another adaptation, this time for the French series Barbarella for publisher Humanoids.

Most people have heard of Barbarella at least in passing.  The 1962 comic strip was the first comic to embrace sexual liberation for women and it helped kick off the sexual revolution.  Barbarella’s adventures often involved some sort of sexual exploits between her and various aliens she encountered.  The 1968 movie starring Jane Fonda is considered a cult classic, and they’ve been trying to remake it for years with various directors and actresses. The comics have never been easily available in the United States, so this collection is exciting news for fans of the movie that are eager to get their hands on the original material.

According to the details given to Robot 6, DeConnick will be reworking an existing translation for this sexy sci-fi comic in order to make the comic both more modern and closer to the original tone of the book.

(via DigitalSpy, Robot6)

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