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Deadpool and Korg Want You to Like, Comment, and Subscribe to Deadpool Maximum Reactions

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Deadpool and Korg

Like a lot of us, Deadpool has to fight the monster under the bed known as the algorithm, so when he introduces his Deadpool Maximum Reactions channel he makes sure to tell us all to subscribe. If you haven’t heard of this fictional channel that only exists to give us the most meta trailer react video of 2021, then you’re in luck, because the video was shared via IGN today!

According to Deadpool, he reacted to Disney’s Cruella trailer last week (please release that react video in its entirety, thanks), and this week he’s reacting to Free Guy

Free Guy stars a guy named Ryan Reynolds, who Deadpool is somewhat familiar with, and focuses on a guy named Guy who breaks the fourth wall when he realizes that he’s a character inside of a video game. Not just any character, though. He’s an NPC who is routinely on the wrong side of a bank heist.

Set to release on August 13th (one month from now), Deadpool gives his thoughts on the trailer, but he’s not alone. Enter Korg, who is made of rocks, and apparently one of the few Marvel characters available since everyone’s been busy over on Disney+ these days.

Fan artists. You know what to do with this Deadpool and Korg combo. I will be waiting in the hashtag #KorgiPool.

Korg, who is portrayed by Thor: Ragnorok director, Taika Waititi, is happy to be part of Deadpool’s react channel. This, of course, sets up for a major meta moment where Ryan Reynolds and Taika Waititi, who are both in Free Guy, are reacting to the Free Guy trailer as their respective Marvel characters. As IGN cheekily points out in their tweet, this technically means that Deadpool is part of the MCU since he’s hanging out with Korg.

Oh wait, they were both in Green Lantern?!

Let’s try this again.

Ryan Reynolds and Taika Waititi, who are both in Free Guy, are reacting to the Free Guy trailer as their respective Marvel characters (Deadpool and Korg) after having shared superhero space as DC characters (Hal Jordan/Green Lantern and Tom Kalmaku). Deadpool, always one to shoot his shot, asks Korg for tips on how to get into the MCU beyond a four-minute promo video for a 20th Century Studios movie, which used to be 20th Century Fox, which was the studio behind Deadpool, and-


The two reacting to the trailer is about as fun as you’d imagine. They both shower Jodie Comer with praise as Deadpool hopes that the movie doesn’t fridge her. As he explains what this term means (since Korg doesn’t know), he calls out his very own movie (Deadpool 2) for doing exactly what he fears will happen to Comer.

Sidenote: thank you Mr. Pool (sorry you’re Dead) for pointing out my least favorite plot point about your sequel.

As the trailer progresses, each one makes comments—Korg is a fan of the four-armed Taika Waititi (you’ll understand if you watch the trailer) – with it ending with Deadpool complaining about the low amount of revenue he made from this react video.

So that’s it! The trailer to Free Guy as viewed by Free Guy actors Ryan Reynolds and Taika Waititi as they portray their Marvel counterparts Deadpool and Korg!



Oh, son of a bitch!

(Image: Marvel/20th Century Studios)

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