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The Tenth Doctor Returns in Adorable Video of David and Georgia Tennant

Like a trip through time.


Lovable couple David and Georgia Tennant were on Doctor Who together back in the time of the tenth Doctor, which was already a cute semi-Easter egg for fans—especially since Georgia is the daughter of past Doctor Peter Davison—but this video takes things to a whole new level.

Georgia played Jenny, the doctor’s “daughter,” synthetically created from his own DNA, who’s actually getting her own series of audio dramas to continue her adventures. Someone who knows a thing or two about Doctor Who audio dramas is Gary Russell, for whom the Tennants apparently recorded a Doctor Who-themed sendoff when he left for Australia back in 2013.

Russell was involved in various Who-related projects both before and after the modern era began in 2005, including radio dramas, The Sarah Jane Adventures, writing spinoff novels, script editing on the main series, and more. That makes a 10th Doctor going away present all the more appropriate, but we’ll honestly take any reason to watch David Tennant reprise his role and transport us back to the wonderful early days of the revapmed Who phenomenon.

(via io9, image: BBC)

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