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Dave Coulier Took BuzzFeed’s “Which Full House Character Are You?” Quiz

Guess which character he is.

Full House Dave Coulier

Something like 40% of all Facebook posts are people posting their BuzzFeed “Which _______ Character Are You?” quiz results. I’m pretty over the whole thing, but today Dave Coulier took the Full House character quiz and I found myself captivated by the idea that he might not get the right result. So who’d he get?

All is right with the world.

All is right with the world.

Don’t worry, everyone. He got Joey Gladstone. This obviously verifies that ALL BUZZFEED QUIZ RESULTS ARE 1000% TRUE!

If all the actors from Full House could just go ahead and take this quiz real quick and email me your results, that would be great. As for all my friends and family constantly posting their results in my Facebook feed… Cut. It. Out.

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