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How Much Has the Price of Data Storage Fallen This Decade? [Infographic]


Rackspace has posted this amazing look back at how we carried around our data over the past ten years, starting from the humble 8mb USB drive and ending at the 3TB portable drive. Along the way it notes some milestones in the digital data revolution, like the introduction of the iPod, the end of the floppy disk, and the birth of cloud storage. Along the way, they keep a running tally of digital storage per gigabyte. It starts in 2001, at about $19.73/gb, and ends in 2010 at a mere $0.06/gb.

It’s an amazing walk down memory lane for some of us, and a reminder that storage has been such a driving force behind the digital lives we live. Click through the jump for the whole image.

(Rackspace via Laughing Squid)

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