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High-Powered “Data Killer” Instantly Erases All the Incriminating Digital Evidence

For when the police are knocking at your door and you have piles and piles of hard drives filled with stolen credit card info, CIA secrets, duck porn, or pirated movies (take your pick) there comes this amazing product from Platform of Japan. Called the Data Killer, its a line of products that instantly erases a hard drive, or 14 hard drives, or an entire freaking laptop. 

The Data Killer line of products functions like most industrial-grade data erasing devices. Because information is magnetically encoded on conventional spinning-platter hard drives, the Data Killer uses a high-powered magnet to instantly blank the disks. It also works on any form of magnetic tape storage — including audio, VHS, and DV cassettes.

And it does it all with a sickening, mechanical “thunk.”

Of course, to really destroy data you need to go above and beyond simply erasing the information. To make sure that information can’t be recovered, or partially recovered, you actually need to physically destroy the disk. but for when you absolutely must destroy all the evidence immediately, you probably can’t do better than the Data Killer.

(via DigInfo)

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