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Daredevil’s ‘She-Hulk’ Fight Scene Is a Perfect Callback—And Teaser for ‘Born Again’

Daredevil in Marvel and Disney+ She-Hulk series.

When in doubt, trust that Daredevil will have a fight in a hallway. I was very excited for Matt Murdock’s grand return to television in Disney+’s She-Hulk: Attorney at Law for a number of reasons—one being that it’s been too long since we’ve seen Matt in a show (he was a lawyer in Spider-Man: No Way Home), but also the show was promising a funny Matt Murdock, which—good! He is funny!

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Matt Murdock likes to crack a joke. He’s done it in his own show, in the comics, and now he has done it in She-Hulk: Attorney at Law, and it feels like a great reintroduction to Daredevil (given that we have already seen Matt in the Marvel Cinematic Universe). But what was so amazing about the return of the Devil of Hell’s Kitchen was that it felt like Matt Murdock existing in Los Angeles, meaning that we got a quintessential Daredevil fight scene in the episode that left me screaming on my couch at the ass crack of dawn.

For those who remember the (formerly) Netflix Daredevil series, you know that Matt Murdock loves fighting bad guys in a hallway. And if it isn’t in a hallway, it’s a really intense fight sequence where staplers are involved (shoutout to the Bullseye office fight). So when I saw Jen and Matt have go to the Lily Pad to try to rescue Luke Jacobson and come up against some goons in a hallway, I felt like a little kid watching a hero kick ass for the first time.

Hallway fights are great, actually

The first season of Daredevil brought us the one-shot fight sequence in the hallway that became iconic for not only the show but for the character, as well. We know that if you get Daredevil in a hallway, you better say your prayers because the Catholic boy is about to end you. So when Matt and Jen went to a warehouse and we saw a bunch of guys hanging out in a hall? That’s when we knew that things were about to get too real too fast.

The scene in She-Hulk has Matt telling Jen that this is his forte, and he’s not exactly wrong! There’s a number of men they have to take on, and Matt says he can do it on his own since he knows what to do, when Jen tries to convince him that she can smash her way in.

The result is that they’re both right and successful, but it starts with Matt Murdock in the hallway throwing a man from a doorway across the hall, and it’s such a glorious return to the fight styles that we knew and loved from his television show. It wasn’t as epic as those in Daredevil, but for a good reason: He’s not back on his own show just yet. But it did give us a taste of the fights that we could still see in Daredevil: Born Again, and that should excite us all.

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