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After All the Angry Tweets, the ‘She-Hulk’ Daredevil Scene Just Got Tweeted Out

I truly love this so much

Daredevil in his yellow suit

The wait is soon to be over. As we’re gearing up for the eighth episode of Disney+’s She-Hulk: Attorney at Law, we’re finally getting the appearance of Daredevil/Matt Murdock in Los Angeles. And I know this because a clip from the episode confirmed Murdock and Jen talking to each other, and boy oh boy do I think it is funny that after all the hoopla that went on online, that it was just released as an exclusive to Entertainment Tonight the night before the episode drops.

When it was teased that Daredevil was coming at the end of episode 5, some “fans” were angry that they didn’t get Matt in the following episode. And just to dig that knife in deeper, he wasn’t in the following week, either. And their anger towards the show (despite no promise being made to them) made it hard to be a fan of Matt Murdock as well as someone who genuinely loves She-Hulk.

Now though, Matt’s scene is just out there on the internet, and that’s hilarious to me. On one hand, I’m excited to see Matt Murdock back and would have liked the excitement of seeing him appear in the episode first rather than with in a clip, but on the other hand, I love that this is the end of this saga.

He’s here and his ass remains unwhuped

Jen is talking about her “client” and how Daredevil messed with him and while that could mean that she either knows that he’s Matt Murdock and this is a lawyer vs. lawyer battle, or this could just be Daredevil doing something and Jen Walters/She-Hulk having to protect her client. Either way, I love it. The two start fighting in a parking garage (and Jen destroys the top of it) and we get to briefly see them interacting with each other.

Are people going to be mad that Matt Murdock is funny? Probably because She-Hulk can’t breathe without someone having something negative to say about it, but what’s so great about this is that this is exactly what I wanted out of the inclusion of Matt Murdock.

Matt is funny. He’s also a flirt and getting to see the two of them go back and forth is going to have been worth the wait. If they also wanted to make out with each other, I wouldn’t be mad about it, and we do have two wonderful episodes left for the two to smooch all they like. But I do think that it is funny to release this clip after everything online. For weeks, we had to hear “fans” complaining about being teased over Matt Murdock, and releasing a clip of him when there’s only a couple hours before the newest episode drops? That’s peak comedy.

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