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Daredevil Recaps: “The Path of the Righteous” and “The Ones We Leave Behind”

Wesley is displeased.

daredevil wesley srsl

This week’s Daredevil episodes deal with the fallout of Foggy’s revelations, the fallout of Venessa’s unfortunate incident, and the continued fallout of Matt’s near-death experience against Nobu. So much fallout—it’s getting positively nuclear in here. Let’s get to work setting up that season finale!

OK. So! “The Path of the Righeous” starts with Fisk bringing Vanessa to the hospital.


Like a (crime) boss.

After Leland TOTALLY did not poison her at all.


“I was maybe poisoned too, guys. Swears.”

Karen comes to visit Matt the morning after he and Foggy broke up, and she knows something is up. He calls her out on lying while lying to her face and then mentions that he understands the feeling of lying to protect people and could he be more obvious?

Then he basically acts like Karen’s babysitter when she says she went to find Fisk’s mom, and I’m going to just hope that one’s coming from the “I know I’m a superhero but I’ll also say you should have told Foggy to be less obvious” place and not a “you should have told us because we’re dudes and could look after you” place.

She expresses her concern over his injuries,



tells him that she learned Fisk killed his father, and gives him a get-well-soon balloon.

daredevil balloon

“Now who’s treating who like a child? Love, Karen”

Foggy’s just starting his day as well, and what the Hell is this?

daredevil foggy marcy

You are dead to me, Nelson.

He tells Marci he’s not going to work with Matt anymore, so I guess we’re going to have to wait through a few more episodes of this argument before they make up. We’re getting close to the season finale, guys! There’s no time for this!

In the hospital, Leland discusses Vanessa’s poisoning with Wesley.

daredevil leland excited

“Is she dead? Er, I mean, is she not dead? Like is she OK? That is what I meant.”

daredevil wesley srsl


In Matt’s apartment, Claire is back to stitch him up! She tells him to get some armor before he winds up dead, and he talks about how Fisk’s suit seemed impenetrable.

daredevil shut up

“I swear! I totally would have cut him, but his suit is magic! …Stop laughing!”

Ahhhhhh GOD she’s leaving town, because we can’t have nice things she knows Matt will never stop being Daredevil, so she doesn’t want to be with him, but she promises to keep helping him not die in the future.

daredevil claire triangle

“So you kids have fun with a few seasons of your dumb love triangle or whatever that is. I’m not putting up with that crap.”

Ben talks to Karen about how he doesn’t think the information they got out of Fisk’s mom will help, and he’s NOT PLEASED with her about dragging him out to see Fisk’s mom in the first place—and wait, did he really not know she wasn’t just taking him to see a care facility?

daredevil karen ben

“Dude, I could not have been more obvious. I feel like that’s on you.”

Wesley and Fisk have a heart to heart about Vanessa, and Fisk expresses his appreciation for Wesley’s friendship—and also his assistance in exacting vengeance. You know, friend stuff!

daredevil fisk love you

“I love you.”

daredevil wesley i know

“I know.”

Fisk wants to send Vanessa away when/if she recovers, because yeah, she totally seems like the kind of person who’d stand for that. Sure.

Matt goes to see his priest again and asks if the guy knows that he’s secretly Daredevil.

daredevil idiot

“I’m not an idiot.” -Really. No paraphrasing necessary.

daredevil dude you have no idea

“Dude, you’d be surprised.”

Then he goes home and meditates on his beating by Fisk and Nobu and achieves enlightenment.

daredevil meditate

“I’ve got it! I should totally get some armor like Fisk! I’m a genius. Why didn’t anyone suggest that yet? Dummies.”

Then he tracks down the workshop of Fisk’s cartoon-wardrobe tailor, Melvin Potter, who shows up moments later and isn’t exactly happy to see him.

daredevil choke

“Hi I just wanted to inquire about your services, Mr. Potter sir!”

But they hug it out,

daredevil lets be friends

“Let’s be friends!”

And eventually come to an understanding. Potter seems to not have it all together and has been pressed into Fisk’s service through blackmail, which is pretty convenient for Matt. Really, what was his plan if things hadn’t worked out this perfectly? Matt asks Potter to build him a “symbol”—probably because as a person, he can be ignored or destroyed, but as a symbol, he can incorruptible and everlasting. (Just a guess.)

Elsewhere, Karen finds Foggy at the bar and tells him off for being a selfish jerk. Like every other character on the good guy team, he’s too busy feeling sorry for himself to help Karen with the information she got out of Fisk’s mom.

daredevil karen get shit togather

“Can you guys get your shit together?” -Again, no paraphrasing needed.

After calling Ben to help talk her down, Karen gets kidnapped by Wesley, who’s not happy that she tried to talk to his friend’s mommy.

daredevil tattle

“No one likes a tattletale.”

Wesley starts lecturing and monologuing, and it comes out that he’s the only one who knows she visited Fisk’s mom.

daredevil karen youre done

“Haha no one else knows I’m here? You’re so f***ed.”

He tries to get her to tell everyone they were wrong about Fisk by threatening all of her friends, but when he reaches to answer a call from his bestie, it becomes clear that he underestimated Karen as she grabs his gun off the table.

daredevil karen gun

“Told you.”

Oh, and she indicates that this wouldn’t be the first time she’d shot someone and then proceeds to make that seem extremely likely.

daredevil wesley

This is not amateur hour.

Man, Fisk is going to be pissed, and now I really want to know more about Karen’s past, but I guess I’ll have to wait for another episode. Not going to lie—I’m gonna miss Wesley. </3.

Keep reading for “The Ones We Leave Behind”!

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