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Dante From Devil May Cry Has Entered the Resident Evil Village Chat

My bisexual ass has won.

Dante calling Lady D

I feel that my love for Resident Evil Village’s Lady Dimitrescu is obvious at this point, as I continue to make desperate attempts to get senpai to murder—… I mean, notice me. However, fandom continues to do what it does best and has reminded me of another Capcom love I haven’t thought about since 2019.

Dante from Devil May Cry.

I feel like Dante is a man who needs no introduction, mostly because it’s difficult to put into words the amount of swagger one must possess to wield pistols called Ebony and Ivory.

As the son of a devil and a human, Dante has had an ongoing history of defeating his opponent in style (literally, cuz like, you get style points as you attack). Dante embraces the sort of cheesiness that you can’t help but smile at. Yes, he kicks all sorts of ass, but more importantly, he’ll make sure no slice of pizza is harmed in the process.

And really, there’s no other way we can accept Dante. He HAS to be a goofball armed with dad joke-level humor to compliment his attacks.

So take that personality and pair it with the frighteningly sophisticated charm of Lady Dimitrescu. Fandom noticed, rather quickly, that there were two in-game images that were perfect for this amount of chaos.

It wasn’t all jokes, though. Some users did have Dante doing his due diligence to help a lady in trying to defeat a man thing.

So why Dante in Resident Evil Village, of all things? To be honest, this urge to have two of Capcom’s finest start a friendship (with or without benefits, if that’s the headcanon you’re writing) isn’t the first time Dante’s been put into the Resident Evil Village world. There are now mods that turn Dante into Heisenberg, one of the four who serve Mother Miranda (the villain of Resident Evil Village).

It’s perfect considering the tension between Lady Dimitrescu and Heisenberg. I very much believe he would call her on the phone and cause her to make this face:

An unpleasant phone call

Picturing Dante as Heisenberg isn’t much of a stretch, either. Heisenberg waltzes in with this theatrical I’m a cool guy persona and is the only one who approaches Ethan with something other than KILL HIM WITH FIRE. Yes, he does stab Ethan, but compared to the other three, he’s the only one who attempts any sort of conversation, especially later in the game where, as we can see in the clip, he tries to get Ethan to work with him.

Mods aside, Dante and Resident Evil have a history together. After all, Devil May Cry was born out of a failed prototype of Resident Evil 4.

If you’ve ever wondered why Dante looks right at home in clearly haunted castles full of undead horrors and a woman who can slice your hand off after a manicure, that’s because it’s where he got his start … accidentally. Hideki Kamiya hadn’t planned on making Devil May Cry and was set to direct Resident Evil 4, but the attempt to make a cool, stylish action game didn’t fit with the RE vibe. Instead of the whole thing being scrapped, Devil May Cry was born.

So really, having a Dante and Lady Dimitrescu meme is just everything coming full circle. And here you thought you’d have to stretch your imagination to make that Lady Dimitrescu X Dante fic work. Fandom, as always, has found a way.

(Image: Capcom)

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