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A Danny DeVito Cardboard Cutout Leading to an Irate Boss and Troubled Relationship Is Exactly How 2021 Should End

Or maybe it was the Danny DeVito oil painting...

Danny DeVito Always Sunny

With 2021 drawing to an end and a new year on the horizon, I can’t think of a better sendoff than a Danny DeVito cardboard cutout trending on Twitter because of virtual work meetings, an unreasonable boss with zero taste, and a wife who wonders, “Am I The Asshole?”


The DeVito That Started It All

Our story begins with a situation that a lot of folks found themselves in thanks to the pandemic: working from home. This adjustment has led to a lot of, shall we say, “interesting” Zoom meetings, whether it’s because of someone’s decor or the video settings working against them. I recently had a meeting where my mic made me sound like a chipmunk. That’s just the nature of the workforce these days.

In the case of this particular employee, he had a cardboard cutout of Danny DeVito. His boss didn’t care for it and asked him to remove it during their meeting. The employee agreed, moved the cardboard cutout, and the meeting went on like normal.

According to the employee’s wife (the one asking if she’s the asshole), her husband put DeVito back afterward which, yeah, of course he did, that’s what you do when you take something out of its regular spot. A week later, during another meeting, his boss flipped out because the cardboard cutout was back. His boss waited until after the meeting to say something instead of, I dunno, having a normal response like, “Could you put your cardboard cutout away again,” before the meeting started, or even, “When we have meetings, can you put the cardboard cutout away?”

But no, he waited until the meeting was over, rage building because… he doesn’t like Danny DeVito, or something? Regardless, his blowing up at his employee led to his employee doubling down on DeVito merch and, eventually, getting another job. His wife, thinking he was being childish, snapped at him for his behavior.

So… who’s the asshole, here?


Clearly, it’s not about DeVito

Since I have the kind of job where a pastel background full of anime plush is seen as the epitome of cool, no one would be bothered if I had Mr. DeVito in the background during meetings. From the Penguin to Frank Reynolds, I would be praised for having good taste.

But I know some folks have a “we wear suits and ties when we have meetings” job, which means that their bosses might not feel the same joy over Danny DeVito that mine do. I’m kinda assuming that’s the kind of job this man has.

That being said, you kinda have to tell your employees (calmly) if having a cardboard cutout of a celebrity is unprofessional. It might seem obvious, but in a time where noon o’clock meetings are suddenly done at home, a lot of folks are suddenly having to set up computers in rooms that weren’t made for that. People are having meetings at their kitchen tables, making whatever space they can in their living rooms, and having to navigate around what’s going on at home in order to work.

Basically, you’re gonna have employees with some memorabilia in the background, is what I’m saying, and if you don’t want it there, you need to tell them in a way that doesn’t activate their “I’m feeling petty” card.

How this particular employee responded might seem childish, but I’m very much on his side here. It might be because we live in a time where a lot of employees are fed up with their entitled bosses, or it might be because I’m fascinated at the level of pettiness from this man.


He straight up got another job.

Because his boss yelled at him about Danny DeVito.

Real talk, though, if an employee of 12 years who you were going to recommend to replace you has decor you don’t like, just… talk to him civilly? I just think this employee would’ve been fine with moving the cutout again (he moved it the first time) if his boss hadn’t of went off on him the way he did.

His anger is clearly about being talked down to and not Danny DeVito.

As for his wife? I’m honestly not sure why she’s jumping to wanting to leave him. I will admit, it makes sense that her initial reaction was “WTF, are you serious right now,” but it’s clearly the principle of the matter, from her husband’s perspective.

Even so, it’s not like he walked away from his job and left their finances in shambles, he made sure to go out and get a new job.

In the spirit of the holidays, I choose to believe that his wife will realize that no DeVito should come between her and her marriage.

(Image: FX)

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