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Danica McKellar’s New Nerdist Channel Show, “Math Bites,” Is Kind of Adorable (Though It Needs A Better Name)

Well, now we just want pie.

While we can’t quite figure out whether it’s geared towards kids or just intentionally irreverent and cutesy, we definitely love that Danica McKellar is doing a show for the Nerdist that’s all about her love of math. This first episode is all about Pi and features a cover of the first hundred or so digits set to “Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairies.” That’s all you can ask for, really.

It would be great if the title of the show were something a little different, though — “Math bites” sounds like something a petulant middle school would say in an early ’90s sitcom, and not in a good way, either. But aside from that, we’re happy to see somebody take a cutesy feminine approach to teaching math, because you don’t get to see that very often, and little girls who’ve grown up being all about horses and ballet and pink should think math is cool, too.

Also, Jonah Ray should really be wearing a tutu in every episode of everything ever, please.

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