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Dame Emma Thompson Continues to Be a Mood

Never change, Dame Emma Thompson.

British actress Emma Thompson takes part in a protest march at the Preston New Road drill site

Our favorite wine aunt continues to be a mood, even though she is now a DAME! Emma Thompson, famous for her roles in the Harry Potter series, Love Actually, Sense and Sensibility, and her Oscar-winning performance in Howard’s End, has been a love of everyone’s for quite some time.

If it isn’t relating to her character in Love Actually (who was taught to love by listening to Joni Mitchell songs, so … you know, hella relatable), then it is her real-life persona. She continually keeps it 100% real (or at least it seems that way), and it makes is all relate to her. It’s 2018, we’re all kind of tired of existing, and Thompson is the perfect example of someone who clearly doesn’t give a f**k and does whatever she wants.

So when she received a Damehood for her work in drama at Buckingham Palace, we should have known she’d continue to be the same Emma Thompson we know and love.

In true Emma Thompson fashion, she wore sneakers to her Damehood ceremony, and everyone suddenly had a new “mood” image to share throughout the internet. Pantsuit, tennis shoes, and all, Thompson was just missing her martini glass. She has always been a big believer in being comfortable. Remember when she took off her Louboutins on stage and brought her martini with her?

More importantly, though, she didn’t just wear sneakers and that’s it. She also asked Prince William if she could kiss him. Seizing her opportunity, she only had one shot, and so, without any shame, she asked, “I can’t kiss you, can I?”

Look, if you were a young girl or boy in the late ’90s, chances are you may have had a crush on Prince William (or at least I did, so I relate to Emma Thompson).

Congratulations to Dame Emma Thompson! May you continue to share the message that heels are uncomfortable, and please, never change. (Especially when it comes to complaining about your heels and drinking martinis.)

(image: Christopher Furlong/Getty Images)

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