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Daisy Ridley’s Reaction to Her Last Day of Filming Star Wars Is Extremely Relatable

Except the "starring in Star Wars" part.

Rey holding Anakin's lightsaber out to Luke Skywalker at the end of Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

Star Wars has been part of the fabric of our nerdom since the ’70s, and still, when each trilogy ends, there is a sadness that takes over. For stars like Daisy Ridley, we can only imagine what that last day on set must be like. Speaking with People’s Couch Surfing, Ridley tried to recall what that last day of filming the sequel trilogy was like.

“I just can’t remember it, I remember [director] J.J. [Abrams] making a speech and I sort of remember a couple things he said, like I’m always on time, which I appreciate him saying. And then he went to pass me the mic and I was the last person to wrap. It was my final shot and I’m just crying in the shot… It was incredibly dramatic.”

Ridley went on, pointing out that it as all so overwhelming that she really can’t remember what she said.

“Literally can’t remember what I said. [I] hugged a number of people and then got in the car and looked out the window like I was in a music video: tears rolling down my face, hand to the window, thinking about days gone past.”

To be quite honest, this story is extremely relatable. How many times have you found yourself upset about something, and you’re crying and acting like you’re the lead in some movie, only to forget what was even said a few days later? Granted, finishing filming your role in Star Wars is a big deal.

Daisy Ridley has been on quite the journey from her casting until now. An unknown actress, she came into our world as Rey, and many of us fell in love with her giddy personality and ability to bring honesty to the character. It hasn’t always been easy, though, because there are always those trolls on the internet who want to complain about women doing anything, but Daisy Ridley has always stood tall, and for that, I have immense respect.

It isn’t going to be easy saying goodbye to Rey. She’s a character I love very much, and her strength and abilities are things that have been refreshing to see, but I can’t wait to see what Daisy Ridley does after her Star Wars career has come to an end.

(via, image: Lucasfilm)

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