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Daily Show, Late Night Call Out Trump for Flunking His Press Conference—Even the Easiest Question


Today, all around the country, people are striking to defend democratic principles. You can find a list of events to participate in over at this post. Why are we all suddenly so concerned? Yesterday’s press conference with Donald Trump should give anyone a pretty solid idea.

Say what you will about how The Daily Show has been going these days, but Trevor Noah nailed one thing spectacularly on the show last night: The press conference question about combatting the rise in anti-Semitism was the easiest softball question there could’ve been, and Trump not only failed it spectacularly, but he claimed it wasn’t fair.

It was incredibly fair. The reporter went out of his way to open by saying neither he, nor any of his colleagues, believe Trump himself is anti-Semitic. That kind of coddling shouldn’t even be necessary to get a reasonable answer out of the president of the United States (respect and rational answers should not be conditional), and Trump still turned the question into a perceived attack and only talked about how he wasn’t anti-Semitic or racist. That was already considered a given as part of the question, but he again failed to strongly denounce actual acts of anti-Semitism going around. This is the second time in as many days that Trump has failed to adequately answer this same question, and the Anti-Defamation League was already unhappy with him about it.

He said plenty of other nonsense and/or patently false things at the presser, and you can find our rundown here, or let Seth Meyers break it down for you, since he had to trash last night’s “A Closer Look” segment in the middle of the day in order to deal with this category 5 shitstorm.

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