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The Daily Show Isn’t Taking the GOP’s Gaslighting on the Capitol Insurrection With Educational Video

Revisionist films presents ...

The gift that is The Daily Show With Trevor Noah keeps giving in an educational video meant to troll and call out Republicans. For what, you may ask? Well, the thing they’ve been harping about since January 6th: the Capitol Hill insurrection by domestic terrorists who were flying the flag of former President Donald Trump. That’s what!

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The educational video, which looks like it’s straight out of the ’50s, opens up with “Revisionist Films Presents: January 6th, What Really Happened?” From there it goes on to greet the children who might be watching this educational video and who need to be informed of the propaganda reporters like Jake Tapper and Rachel Maddow and how they were peddling misinformation on that infamous day.

“Knowledge is Power!” flashes on the screen before the truth of that day is sarcastically broken down by The Daily Show. A noose is put on blast, a blatantly violent symbol, that Republicans seem to just brush away while calling these domestic terrorists “patriots” who were just visiting the Capitol, right? Wrong. And this educational video from The Daily Show wants you to know it with every mocking word.

Then, the belle of the ball pops up in the video: the former president himself. He’s heard saying, “there was zero threat, right from the start” with interspersed evidence that the Capitol Hill insurrection was violent. He’s joined by Sen. Ron Johnson, Rep. Louie Gohmert, Rep. Paul Gosar, Rep. Andrew Clyde, and Rep. Pat Fallon, who echo the same sentiment.

The rest of the video from The Daily Show mocks the Republicans harder than I’ve seen in a while. Seriously, at one point they compare an optical illusion and how, while some people see one thing, others see another because they have their eyes closed and they “refuse to look.” The final nail in this sarcastic coffin is when the narrator says it’s best to forget about the past.

This video from The Daily Show is essential viewing because it openly blasts the Republicans for their gaslighting of American citizens. The GOP thinks that if they shout long enough, talk long enough, or lie long enough, that people will believe their revisionist history. And show’s like The Daily Show With Trevor Noah aren’t having any of that.

No matter how Republicans try to paint it, there was a violent insurrection at the United States Capitol Building. It wasn’t a school trip, a tourist outing, or patriots standing up for what they believed in. It was a calculated attack on our democracy led by Trump supporters who knew their time was up and were trying to gain any control they could.

Current Republicans like Sen. Ron Johnson, who was just recently on Fox News calling the insurrection a “large a peaceful protest,” are stuck in a never-ending cycle of gaslighting where it’s easier for them to believe a lie and ignore the mounting evidence of videos of the attack, property damaged, and actual human lives that were lost on January 6.

So, what can you do, what can I do, to battle this gaslighting by Republicans who don’t want to believe those in their party were responsible for the Capitol Hill insurrection? The best thing you can do is stay informed, up to date, and keep calling out those who want to believe an illusion rather than a reality. Because they won’t stop. And neither should we.

You can also share videos and news like this one from The Daily Show With Trevor Noah. Sure, they might be funny as hell, but sometimes that’s the driving vehicle for some when it comes to important facts and living in this reality, in contrast to a reality where gaslighting has free rein as a means to divide our nation and those living in it.

(image: The Daily Show With Trevor Noah screenshot)

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