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CubeStormer II LEGO Robot Holds Rubik's Cube World Record

When it comes to speed solving Rubik’s cubes, I feel like we must be coming up on the physical limits of speed. Records are being eroded constantly and it just has to stop somewhere, right? Just this May, the record was set at 6.24 seconds, only to be beaten in June with a 5.66 second run, and now, the CubeStormer II is upping the ante with a 5.35 second run. Seriously, how much faster can it possibly get?

The CubeStormer II, as you might be able to guess, is a LEGO Mindstorms project and utilizes the tried-and-true smartphone-operated robotic solver format. The really impressive part of the CubeStormer II is how fast it goes. Seriously, I could watch that thing solve cubes all day long. If a human can beat this record, they very well may be the last superhuman to have that honor.

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