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Crystal Fairy Trailer Reminds Us How Uncomfortable Michael Cera Can Be [Video]

Michael Cera defies expectations by playing a socially awkward, scruffy-haired boy.


Michael Cera and Gaby Hoffman star in this road trip comedy about a group of men who meet free spirit Crystal Fairy (Hoffman) at a party, and (of course) decide go on a search for the San Pedro cactus, a legendary hallucinogen. Which, the trailer suggests, they steal from an old woman’s backyard. Yeah, it’s going to be one of those kind of movies.


Cera comes off as he generally does: Uncomfortable, blunt, and surprisingly self-centered. Hoffman is introduced as a strange, New Age girl who shares Lena Dunham’s views on nudity. She tags along with Cera and the friends he’s been living with as they journey around Chile, clashing frequently with Cera along the way.


The movie premiered at Sundance, with Sebastian Silva taking home the award for best director. So, it’s got to have something to it.

I’m wondering if the actors tripping frequently throughout the movie had anything to do with the positive reactions — you know, method acting. While they originally planned to try mescaline on their day off, but lost the day due to technical difficulties. Hoffman agreed to be their guinea pig, taking two doses to feel a strong enough reaction, and was then followed by her costars. So yes, those scenes on the beach are about as real as it gets.

Crystal Fairy will arrive in theaters on July 12. Until then, enjoy the trailer.

(via CinemaBlend and Movieline)

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