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I’m Crying Laughing at Everyone Mocking This Tweet From the Democrats

These tears are doing double emotion duty tbh.

Have you ever laughed so hard you cried, but somehow still couldn’t tell if they were tears of joy or sadness? That’s pretty much been our reaction to watching the entire internet (the part of it that is Twitter, anyway) come together to roundly mock the Democrats’ weekend tweet about Donald Trump and the 2020 election.

“How do you mess up an anti-Trump tweet?” you ask. Let me direct your attention to the tweet above from the Democrats, though I warn you that it’s basically the cringe-inducement equivalent of staring into the sun. You may not want to look directly at it.

Yes, that is the real, actual official Twitter account of the Democratic National Committee, our best, likely only hope to remove Donald Trump from the White House. If you suddenly feel a massive wave of despair, you’re not alone.

It’s like being tasked with taking down the Empire, but having to pull it off with the cast of Spaceballs. Like being in a 007 situation with only Austin Powers to help you. Like when the ’80s cartoon Ninja Turtles tried to help out in the 4Kids version—you get the point.

More simply, this is who we’ve got on our team against fascism:

Steve Buschemi says, "How do you do, fellow kids?" on 30 Rock.

It doesn’t exactly inspire confidence.

Look, we know that whoever is handling this social media account isn’t in the business of crafting public policy personally, and they can’t be expected to stick to the bleakness of our current political landscape 100% of the time (no one can), but we’d like them to find an outlet that isn’t … whatever this is. Please. Hell, even Donald Trump is doing a better job of making Democrats sound cool than this tweet did:

They have any number of real ways to make the case for why any one of their approximately infinite 2020 presidential candidates (though some more than others) should appeal to the youths more than Donald Trump, from social issues to the economy:

Seriously, we have a president claiming exoneration by way of a special prosecutor who stood up at a press conference and essentially said, “The president didn’t not commit a crime,” claiming every bit of negative information about him is fake in full totalitarian style, doing too many awful things to even get into here, all while the Democrats in the U.S. House of Representatives continue to put off impeachment, but not because they don’t think it’s warranted. The 2020 election is apparently our only hope.

But oh boy is it fun to dunk on this bad tweet!

(featured image: NBC)

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