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Crunchyroll Delivers a Jam-Packed Summer For Anime Fans, Starting at This Weekend’s Anime Expo

Crunchyroll is single-handedly responsible for my anime education. So, when I heard that they had some big things in store this summer, I got really excited. Anime fans who are headed to Anime Expo this weekend are a very lucky bunch!

First up, Crunchyroll is gearing up for its biggest presence ever at Anime Expo, which will include:

  • Early access to several of summer’s hottest anime simulcast premieres, including The Ancient Magus’ Bride and Classroom of the Elite
  • Access to premier talent through panels and signings, including Kubo Mitsurou, creator of the original Yuri!!! On ICE manga along with the show’s director Yamamoto Sayo, and the directors of Classroom of the Elite Kishi Seiji and Hashimoto Hiroyuki
  • Fan activities, including The Ancient Magus’ Bride chalk art drawing, Yuri!!! On ICE photo opportunities, a cosplay gallery featuring costumes from Adam Savage, a game room, and more!
  • A booth store at the convention with brand new merchandise, including items that can only be found at Anime Expo
  • For premium Crunchyroll subscribers, they’ll have access to an exclusive party Saturday night (July 1) at Lounge 21 in the Los Angeles Convention Center in partnership with streaming platform partner VRV

In addition to all that, fans will get a sneak peek of the highly anticipated anime series The Ancient Magus’ Bride (from the same studio that brought blockbuster anime hit Attack on Titan) months before it airs in Japan or is made available on Crunchyroll. Plus, there will be an intimate Q&A with the series’ director Norihiro Naganuma and WIT STUDIO head George Wada following the screening.

If you can’t make the preview this weekend at Anime Expo, don’t worry…they’ve got you covered, too! Fans can catch the first three episodes of The Ancient Magus’ Bride across nearly 300 theaters nationwide at Crunchyroll’s second installment of its highly successful Anime Movie Night on July 26th. As an added bonus, attendees will see the premiere and behind-the-scenes look at the creation of Crunchyroll’s first-ever original short Children of Ether.

Fans can purchase tickets for this special one-day event BEGINNING TODAY at

Crunchyroll is here to make sure that you spend your summer vacation hopped up on anime—and you wouldn’t have it any other way! Who’s going to Anime Expo? Sound off in the comments!

(image: screencap, logo courtesy of Crunchyroll)

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