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Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Pokes Fun at its Sexist Title in New Theme Song

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I’ve avoided Crazy Ex-Girlfriend so far for the obvious reason.

Without any context, the series’ advertising and its title makes the show seem like ableist, sexist, cliched nonsense. Even though I knew the series almost had to be better than surface value indicated (surely no one would greenlight a show using that title sincerely now, right? Right?), the name still put me off. At a glance, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend didn’t seem like a show that cared about representing women, and I didn’t really have any motivation to explore the series further.

But now I might. Following their surprisingly well-reviewed pilot, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend has released a new animated/live-action theme song in which titular ‘crazy ex’ Rebecca (Rachel Bloom) criticizes the series’ title to a chorus of judgment:

She’s the crazy ex-girlfriend.
What? No I’m not.
She’s the crazy ex-girlfriend.
That’s a sexist term.
She’s the crazy ex-girlfriend.
Can you guys stop singing for just a second?
She’s so broken inside!
The situation’s a lot more nuanced than that.

What do you think, friends? Are any of you watching Crazy Ex-Girlfriend? Would you consider giving it a try?

(via Pajiba)

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