Crash Metroid On Your Nintendo 3DS By Inputting Curse Words Into the Password Entry

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The original Metroid’s password entry screen is something of a legend, sporting one of the most historically important codes related to gaming, though always overshadowed by the Konami code. Any true Metroid will tell tales of Justin Bailey, a password when entered into the top row of the entry followed by a row of dashes underneath, will allow players to start the game with gaming’s matriarch Samus in a leotard (rather than her iconic orange Power Suit), with almost all of the power-ups in the game, and drops her off in Norfair, an area in the game further away than the natural starting point.

I remember messing around with the password input when I was younger, trying to find new codes to give me neat things, but eventually I’d just input gibberish or my name. For some reason, I never thought to put curse words, which one would assume a young child who thinks he’s funny would do. Playing Metroid on a Nintendo 3DS, having obtained the game through the 3DS Ambassador program, YouTube user grandmaster101587458 found that inputting naughty words crashes the game and the 3DS. The crash is reportedly temporary, but at a glance does look like the 3DS has bricked. The crash is alleged to be carried over from the original Metroid’s cursing prevention. Read on below to watch a video of the crash in action, and yes, there will be some NSFW text.

(via GamesRadar)

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