Email Fail: Couple Shares Steamy Sexual Conversation With Entire Office

A wise man once said that love knows no bounds, but that declaration was obviously made at a time prior to the advent of email. Melanie Anderson and Eric Knisz, an engaged couple working for the Scottish oil company Integrated Subsea Services, learned in the worst way imaginable what happens when one is a bit too quick sending out messages. The two had spent the afternoon exchanging steamy emails back and forth when Anderson wanted to notify her fellow coworkers that the sandwich truck had arrived outside the premises. She accidentally included the emails in her forward, so the entire office learned that lunch was right outside the door and the humiliated couple’s bedroom adventure the previous night was pretty “ace.”

As unrepentant coworkers eager to backstab their fellow employees are wont to do, it didn’t take long for them to forward the unsavory missives to friends and eventually the internet at large, going viral on Twitter thanks to the mocking — but gloriously hilarious — hashtag #sandwichvan:

Integrated Subsea Services’ human resources representative came forward with a statement saying that the couple was utterly humiliated by the ordeal. It’s even been reported that the duo have resigned over the matter.

Take this as a cautionary tale love birds: It’s probably not a good idea to use your work email to communicate intimately. It’s basically a recipe for disaster.

(Gawker via The Daily Dot, image via ladytimeless)

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